Adroit: Educational Robotics

The Development of Education Robot Module and Eff Content Standards Based Curriculum with Rubic Scoring Measuring Instrumentation.

The implementation of education in all level is expected to balance between aspects of intelligence quotient (IQ )and emotional quotient (EQ). The develompent of the aspect if IQ taken through a process of learning which carried out very formal and structured. While the development aspects of EQ taken through various extracurricular activities, one of them is the activity robotic. Robotics has attraction for all educational levels ranging from primary school student up to college. At the other side high interest and the students in the conduct of extracurricular activities robotics is not balance with the availability of modules and learning technology has been able to meet the educational standarts to be achived. The use of module of robotics that is currently there are in the market have not been able to touch some aspect of expert from the result of the learning process the area of robotics. Hence, in this research will be developed a platform of robotics eduation.




Komposisi Materi pada aspek (a) Kognitif, (b) Afektif, dan (c) Psikomotorik.