Project: Kid Size Humanoid Robot

K.Mei Robot is a humanoid robot which has special job in Indonesia traditional dance. The idea to make a dance robot comes from the wishes combine the element between technology and art, by realizing this concept can be said we already conserve one of Indonesian culture. Dancing is complicated job which cannot doing by every human, because even though human have a complete joint and possible to do flexible movement, but being a good dancer need to have long practice until they can dance professionally in traditional dance, it’s mean not every human can do this job easily. Humanoid robot dancing is dancing robot which designed like human and can dance like the real dancer with flexibility of the human dancer. Part of link and frame of this humanoid robot dancing build from 3D printing technique. Dance movement will be resemble the motion system possessed by humans. Design of the robot seize on mechanical approach, and will be controlled by a motion program to be included in the motion system. Humanoid currently developed to resemble human beings, including the shape of human skeleton and their functions. During this time, humanoid robot dancing never developed a complex system of abdominal motion system. Therefore, withdrawn hypothesis presence of abdominal motion system can improve their existing motion systems. Some possible methods used in these systems, such as inverse kinematic, and forward kinematic. For the balancing system we proposed using inverted pendulum balancing system.

Framework Humanoid Robot Dancing 33DoF